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July 21st, 2011, 12:54 am

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Heyyyyylo guys!~

Sorry I haven't updated for a long time. FORGIVE MEEE Q _ Q;; School started and oh boy.. it's so stressful. >< I just finished one of my classes today (just finished my law final). And SOMG. They just crammed.. 10 weeks of information into 4... >_>;;;

ANYWAYS, since I'm a little more free, I thought I'd update :D Whoopeeee! I promise I'm not dead!

Thanks for all the fans! Makes me so happy! ; v ; <33

OH!! AND everyone who has said that the comic was inspired by the bonus chapter from Bukiyou Na Silent is correct! At first, I didn't think it was, but it is!! I had to re-read the comic to make sure haha. Sorry about that confusion, and thanks to everyone who's pointed it out for me! :D

@Pokemon: Haha xD
@mangofurutani: LOL daweeee thanks so much!
@megami: LOLOL!! haha. we'll have to seeee~ :3 and aweeee, nooooo. ; 3 ; your faces and expressions and style is much more awesomerrrr. You flatter me too much > v < I love your bocchama comic. so adorableee!
@sonjineko: XD Ehehe!
@lit-emo-rose: Right?! haha



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Yay an update!! <3 aww his face is so cute > v<



Good lord, this is the cutest thing in the world! :D



I didn't think it could happen, but this comic just got even cuter. I wonder if he's doing what I think he is xD acjlksjxdlfj the way you draw their faces <3 I love the details and your style ;u;

On another note, dkscnkxsdcfndx omg thank you *A* Really? I didn't know such an awesome artist reads my comics ;_; <3



I luv how he cleans



So cute !!! That's the best way to clean anyone!!!!

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