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June 19th, 2011, 11:57 pm

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Thank you so much! WARNING: Going to be a long post. Skip if you don't want to read LOL.

I want to thank everyone who has faved my comic thus far. You have no idea how surprised I was/am to see so many people enjoying it!! To be honest, I was feeling pretty down, especially since I haven't drawn anything seriously over a year because of college. Since summer started, I thought I'd give it another shot, but I wasn't as motivated to make it nice and clean as many other others on SJ are. REGARDLESS, you guys supported me. Thank you!

I know I'm getting overly emotional for something like this, but it really means a lot! I was feeling really not-so-good, but you guys made my day oh-so-brighter! Thanks again!! <3<3

And sorry I got really lazy near the ends.. as you could tell. Ehehe. I haven't colored anything in a year and a half LOL. This should've been the cover roflmao xD Oh wells~

All your comments make me happy and help make me motivated to continue this silly story!

@mango: thanksss! ^^
@humanoid: ehehe XD Sorry! Is it blinding?
@Something: :3 thankyewww
@mewmew: Awe, thank you! :D



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cuuuute wooot!



So bright and shiny. @o@



pretty *___*



They are so cute! >w<


Ai Ataru

; 3 ;



help?? Possibly the bonus chapter it was inspired by was bukiyou na silent which was extremely hawt but neglected to put any hardcore yaoi in it despite the constant smex in previous chapters *pout* Okay. Now I'll read your actual comic lol



"All your comments make me happy and help make me motivated to continue this silly story!"

That makes me feel better. Yesterday, I said something stupid (on another comic). I always manage to say something dumb, when I open my mouth. But this time I feel like I might have said something right.
This story also made me want to start making short stories again. I haven't written anything since early June.



@filiasan: Awe. Don't worry. Everyone says stupid things once in a while. It's part of who we are. :) And when we DO figure out we've done something stupid, we make up for it. ^^

And I can assure you all your comments have definitely made ME happy and motivated. :] So thanks for your support!

And yea! You should definitely try making short stories. ^^ Fill me in on anything you've made. I'll be looking forward to them. :D

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